Cross-Campus Cytometry and Imaging platform of the TUM

What is CyTUM?

Modern technologies, such as  multi-color flow cytometry analysis and cell sorting are increasingly influencing the status of scientific research as an essential resource. In 1999, a core facility for flow cytometry was created at the institute...                    


What are we aiming for?

CyTUM was designed to provide scientists access to established and innovative methods and instruments for their scientific questions. The combination of a wide variety of constantly renewed instruments and equipment available to researchers led to a high scientific value.


What do we offer?

  • State of the art ressources
  • Transfer of technology and knowledge
  • Methodical and scientific competence
  • Quality management
  • Access to alternative instruments where needed
  • Cross-campus service for scheduling instruments

Who are we?

CyTUM combines cross-institutional and cross-campus wide scientific knowledge and instruments for flow cytometry and cell imaging. These sites, referred to as "CyTUM MIH" and "CyTUM LTI", provide unique methods and expertise...