Basics of Flow Cytometry

Sept 26th Sept 30th, 2022

FlowSchool attendants and lecturers, Sept. 2022

We are happy to share the successful event of IFCC FlowSchool (September 26-30, 2022) organised by our core facility CyTUM-MIH. We would like to thank our guest speakers, Knut Petkauink  and Sebastian Lunemann from Cytek Biosciences, Tillman Vollbrandt, Zaida Vergara, and Kapinsky Michael, Fabian Mohr from IBA Lifesciences and Sebastian Jarosch from MIH for enlightening the participants on various topics of flow cytometry (cell sorters, spectral analyzers, cell purification and processing, chip based cell sorting and data analysis)
Overall, the students had a fun-learning experience and a special thanks to Dharshini Raju and Immanuel Andrä for organizing the event