Overview and goal of CyTUM

The main goal of CyTUM is to provide access to state of the art instruments in flow cytometry and imaging, as well as support all scientists and their respective questions with our scientific expertise. Therefore CyTUM is open for use to scientists and those interested. Connecting functional units at the MIH and LTI provides synergies concerning:

  • Usage of resources
  • Transfer of technologies
  • Stratification regarding complementing but not identical instruments
  • Efficient and balanced quality management
  • Access to alternative instruments in case of Instrument failure during experiments that cannot be postponed
  • Procurement and securing of central university resources

The CyTUM network should primarily fulfill the requirements of service across campus, local utilization and proximity to work being a priority. Through “remote control” options, operators of the respective units should be able to provide help (e.g. with instrument settings) even from a distance.

Service for industrial areas is possible in all units, although it should remain in close relation to active collaborations.